Sunday, April 22, 2012

Preventing XSS (PHP)

Lets take an example :



<form action="xss.php" method="POST">

Val: <input type="text" name="val">
<input type="submit" name="valu" value="submit">


if ($_POST['valu']=='submit')
echo $val;

Here u can see that when we try to enter a value it directly echo's back to us..see below:

and when i try to enter the below html code is running the script.

from this we know that it runs .. so lets now try to run a javscript

Now to prevent this we use html function called "htmlentities".

now the code will be:


if ($_POST['valu']=='submit')
echo $val;

now try to run the script :: it doesnt gets executed.... :)



There is no difference b/w 1st code and 2nd code
Check it

When i insert script alert("pankaj"

... the page is returning me to as blank ...
i've tried in chrome ,fiefox and IE8

same result appears in all the above mentioned browsers...

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