About Me

Sudhir is a Security Analyst and is assisting Senior Security Analyst who is a key resource person in IT - Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT – GRC) practice. His job responsibilities include assisting in conducting Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration testing (Internal and External) on critical assets like servers, firewalls, routers, other network components etc.
                                                                           Sudhir has good knowledge in using Commercial and Open Source Security Tools like Nessus, GFI LanGuard, Metasploit , Acunetix, IBM App Scan etc., and other various tools like Retina,Packet sniffers-Wireshark . Since organizations have variety of Operating Systems such as Windows,Linux ,as an Ethical Hacker he has knowledge in dealing wih these Operating Systems ,Configuring Routers and System Administration. 

                                          He holds Bachelor of Degree (Computer Science) and Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A).He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v6) from Council of Electronic Commerce Counsultants (EC-Council).

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