Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angry Birds Costing Businesses $1.5 Billion In Lost Wages

The world's love of Angry Birds could be costing businesses over $1.5 billion in lost wages, according to an estimate from Alexis Madrigal of the Atlantic.

Madrigal looked at the methodology used to calculate things like how much money companies lose when productivity slows thanks to the NCAA tournament, or how much money is lost thanks to our obsession with fantasy football.

From there he came up with his estimate, which is laid out in the graphic below. He admits the math could be a little fuzzy, but says, "I bet this estimate is right to the order of magnitude, if not in the details."

Frankly, we think these sorts of things are bogus. Productivity isn't lost. People just do what they do. But, it's sort of fun to play with numbers.


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